Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mityana & Vine Christian Academy kids!

Kids at Vine Christian Academy perform.

A few of the children leading in praise at Mityana church.

Children at Vine model their new uniforms and display a piece of their art work made for North Central!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A shot of the village of Banda.

This is downtown Banda, the actual village in Wakiso where Vine Christian Academy is located.  We stop here sometimes to buy wood or supplies. 

I don't like lizards on the ceiling while I'm sleeping! - Nancy

Monday, August 24, 2015

Worship and fellowship with friends in Kampala.

James Okello prepares the children for Sunday school by praying for them every week.

KCC worships God and learns about being satisfied with what we have while taking action based, on Joshua.

Jobey Terzol remains the faithful audio visual technician. It is so good to see that he is well and remains faithful.

Carmen and I cooked a spaghetti dinner for about 18 Ugandan friends and missionaries.  

The KCC Women of Grace continue to meet on Saturdays to pray, study God's Word and fellowship!! 

Another opportunity to bless a new Ugandan friend with a cloth from Tabitha Arise.

Saturday, August 22, 2015


This is Precious. She attends the church in Kasangti. I asked her if she loved Jesus. She said, "Yes, I do." I asked her, "Why?" She said, "because He is my Savior."

A visit to Wabigalo church plant.

All of the church plants struggle with needing property on which to consistently meet, with members constantly moving away and keeping strong Christian leaders. Wabigalo is one of these churches. Francis, a leader from KCC meets with Godfrey and at least 60 children every Sunday. While they could be very discouraged and that they meet each week to teach children, they are faithful to do the work as they witness  the fruit of their labor. There are a few children who have continued to attend church over the last 7 years. One teenage girl told me that she was very thankful that she is saved and Jesus has forgiven her of her sins. I also learned that there are  at least two fellowships of students led by a young member of Wabigalo, in other schools that regularly meet learning about the Bible.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Meet Cosouzi and hear his remarkable story!

Meet Cosouzi, a 17 year old teen from the Kampala Church of Christ (KCC).  When Cosouzi was 5 years old, he, his mother and 3 siblings lived in the slum of the slums in the slum of Kampala.  They basically lived in the trash under a piece of sheet metal that they call temporary housing.  Once his father died from aids, the infected family struggled to survive.  Cosouzi felt guilty to hear his mother, Elizabeth, worry about how the family would find food.  Feeling like he was a burden to her, he ran away from ‘home’ to live on the streets, joining the other 3 million Ugandan (across the country) street kids. After a couple years, a man named Moses from the KCC walked by him lying on the street.  They eventually became friends with each passing by.  When Cosouzi began to trust Moses, he was invited to live with Moses and stayed with him for a couple years where he was introduced to KCC and later, school.  In the meantime, Dr. Ellen Little who was a missionary at KCC, was administering health care to the needy people in the area.  Elizabeth visited her clinic and they became friends.  Elizabeth started attending KCC and later became one of the Women of Grace for whom I have sold many of their beads.  One Day when Moses and Dr. Ellen were still around, Cosouzi finally spotted his mother at KCC and were reunited.  Today, they are strong members in the church.  Cosouzi is considered a leader among the youth at KCC.  He has 3 more years of school before University where he wants to learn to set up a program to help street children one day.  He is very proud to be the prefect of sanitation in his school.
God is good!
Nancy Harbron

Elishama Christian Academy provides for over 70 children.

Here is the first school started by KCC, Elishama Christian Academy.  It opened about 2 years ago.  Carmen and I were in Uganda planning the school at the time.  Today, it provide for over 70 children in this very poor community.  About 25 of the children come from Muslim families.  Other families are Catholic, Protestant or practice witchcraft Every morning at school the children meet for chapel, pray to God and sing praises about Jesus. Francis is the owner of the school and a leader of KCC.  He also preaches Sunday morning at KCC in the Lugandan service and then travels to Wabigalo to teach Bible class for the children.  Francis has heard the lessons about God the Master Potter a number of times when I have been here in the past.  In the schools art class, he teaches them how to make pottery and about God the Master Potter.
Nancy Harbron